Inner Sunset

Inner Sunset

Inner Sunset

A mix of trendy and traditional, Inner Sunset is relatively affordable and feels more like a town of its own than a neighborhood of San Francisco.

Welcome to Inner Sunset


Trendy but not too trendy, this neighborhood has space for you to put down roots.


Inner Sunset is a place where families come to stay for its affordability and space, without leaving the city. Here, you’ll find long-time residents who’ve settled here years ago and fresh faces, new to the city’s delights, as there’s something for everyone to enjoy.


What To Expect

An intimate neighborhood centered around Irving St. where there’s a buzz of activity around the clock.


Irving St. has a life of its own in the evenings and on weekends, when eclectic shops and casual family-owned restaurants open up to hungry, happy groups of all ages.


The Lifestyle

Casual and welcoming, with a strong identity and lots to do.


Here, it’s not uncommon to pass neighbors washing their cars on a nice day or spot parents pushing strollers with happy-go-lucky dogs underfoot. Residents are happy to be here, and they love the value of the neighborhood, which is why so many choose to stay long-term.


Unexpected Appeal

Inner Sunset is bordered by lush Golden Gate Park, with two museums and more green space than you’ll need.


The park that borders this neighborhood to the north has more than enough greenery, and is a destination for most of San Francisco, but for Inner Sunset residents, it’s their backyard.


The Market

Reasonably priced, compared to many neighborhoods closer to downtown, but with more square-footage.


With a median home value of $1.6 million, prices in Inner Sunset are high, but far from the highest in the city, and with that comes space to settle down and stretch out — maybe even in your own yard — which makes homes here feel like the best value in town.


You'll Fall In Love With

A lively central street with families and friends catching a bite to eat or doing some weekend shopping.


Irving St. is full of life and is the center of activity in typically-quiet Inner Sunset, and there’s something for everyone in this neighborhood, whether you’re looking for a good, downhome diner, a cozy wine bar or a day in the park.



Trendy, Casual, Great Food, Boutiques, Cozy Cafes, Farmers Market, Walkable

Nearby Neighborhoods 

Inner Richmond, Outer Sunset, Panhandle


Commute Times

Financial District 35m by train, 30m by car
SoMa 45m by train, 25m by car
South San Francisco 45m by train, 25m by car

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